Our Services

Mitchell County Shepherd’s Staff concentrates on helping people who are in a crisis situation.  We offer a range of programs and services to help families who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives.  These are just a few of the services we offer.

  • Emergency Food Pantry – Provide a 3-5 day emergency supply of food to local families
  • Community Garden Produce during the summer and fall when available
  • Heating Assistance – K-1, Fuel Oil, Wood, Propane (When funds are available)
  • Diapers- When available- Sizes are usually (3,4,5’s)
  • Diapers and Bed Pads-for Adults when available.
  • Thanksgiving Food Baskets -Provides a Thanksgiving Meal for families which are distributed in November with help of Volunteers
  • Christmas Boxes- With the help of Kiwanis Club of Spruce Pine a meal is furnished for Senior’s for Christmas.

Emergency Assistance Program Guidelines

If you are seeking assistance, please follow these guidelines when you are applying for aid.

  • Food Boxes– Once a month, you must bring proof of address: electric bill, or HUD Contract.
  • Heating Assistance – In addition to the food box requirement, an applicant must have the following documentation for financial assistance:
    • Proof of household income for the past two months and current month.  Please provide us with your income verification such as Social Security Benefits, unemployment benefits, child support, ect.  If you are working , we need to see copies of your pay stubs.
    • Receipts of all paid household expenses for the past two months. Examples:  utilities, daycare,telephone, cell phone, car repairs life insurance, hospital or doctor, taxes, legal expenses, ect. Grocery and/or transportation receipts not needed.
    • A lease or mortgage agreement in the names of the person(s) applying for assistance or your HUD Contract