About Us

We invite you to learn more about the Mitchell County Shepherd’s Staff, our programs and services.

What is Shepherd’s Staff?

Shepherd’s Staff ministers to those in need in Mitchell County. They provide food and heating assistance to people experiencing a crisis situation including:

  • unemployment due to layoff, injury or illness
  • those who can’t make it through the month due to an emergency
  • unforeseen expenses
  • elderly and disabled on low, fixed incomes
  • waiting for first food stamps
  • burnout or weather related disasters
  • any trauma causing specific needs
  • transients, those stranded & homeless
  • robbery victims

The History of Shepherd’s Staff

In October of 1983 a vision was born giving new hope for those in need in Mitchell County. A concerned group of citizens realized a need for a ministry to help the desperate and less fortunate. Mitchell County Shepherd’s Staff was founded to fulfill that need. Over 28 years later, that vision is still growing and providing assistance throughout the county.

Many of the individuals Mitchell County Shepherd’s Staff serve are seniors on a fixed income. Nationwide, more than 6 million seniors face the threat of hunger, and the number is growing.

In 2014, Mitchell County Shepherd’s Staff served approximately4,900 individuals and provided 2,500 boxes of food to those in need. Shepherd’s Staff also helped 26 clients with heating assistance totaling $8,000.00.

Western North Carolina Hunger Statistics

Silhouette Graphic of a familyThis information is from a 2010 study by Feeding America and MANNA.

  • 106,600 different people in Western North Carolina sought emergency food assistance from food pantries in 2010.
  • 36% of households seeking assistance have at least one employed adult.
  • Of those served in Western North Carolina, 33,000 were children and 9,600 were elderly.
  • 1 in 6 Western North Carolinians sought food assistance in 2010. The national average is 1 in 8.
  • 84% of households with children served in Western North Carolina face hunger.
  • The average percentage of people in Western North Carolina that are living below the Poverty level is 13.5%. Mitchell County is at 13.4%.

The Board of Directors of Mitchell County Shepherd’s Staff

Shepherd’s Staff Employees & Volunteers

  • Martha Gordon, Director
  • Larry Davis, Part-Time Worker
  • Daniel & Glenda Franklin, Volunteers
  • Roger Merrill, Volunteer

Partner Agencies